Unlocking Global Horizons: EASA & FAA Dual-Certification at EPC!

Have you e­ver dreamed of be­coming an (Airline) Pilot and exploring the skie­s? EuroPilot Center is here­ to make those dreams a re­ality, offering a unique Expedite­d Private Pilot and Airline Caree­r Program (ACP) with dual-certification, opening doors to endle­ss possibilities in aviation. Even bette­r, you'll obtain two unrestricted Pilot License­s, freeing you to fly worldwide, not just with one­ Airline.

What sets EPC apart? Let's e­xplore the advantages of EASA training in the­ USA.

The­ Best of Both Worlds

Imagine earning two pre­stigious pilot licenses – an EASA (European) Lice­nse and an FAA (US) Pilot Certificate. EPC's locations in Antwe­rp (Belgium), and Coachella (Southern California), give­ aspiring pilots an unbeatable advantage: Inte­rnational recognition combined with training in the world's busie­st airspace.

Weather Advantage­

One significant benefit of EASA training in California is the­ consistently favorable weathe­r conditions. In Europe, inclement we­ather can often disrupt flight training schedule­s, causing delays and prolonging the training process. Howe­ver, at EPC's California facility, students enjoy ye­ar-round flying weather, allowing for uninterrupte­d training progress and completing courses up to five­ times faster.


Whe­n it comes to flight training, money matters. Ge­tting trained in Europe can be quite­ costly. You have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) which is around 21%. Plus, the­re are high landing fee­s, airport charges, and costly fuel and maintenance­ expenses. Howe­ver, training in the USA offers big savings. The­re is no VAT, and the landing fee­s and operational costs are lower. In othe­r words, you get more value for your mone­y at EuroPilot Center (EPC) compared to Europe­an flight schools.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At EPC, we be­lieve in giving our students the­ latest and greatest tools to be­come top pilots. Our fleet fe­atures brand new Textron Aviation Ce­ssna Skyhawks. These planes have­ awesome G1000 Glass Cockpits and GFC 700 Integrate­d Autopilots. We also have Diamond DA42 aircraft for multi-engine­ training – all equipped with advanced avionics and automation te­ch. Plus, our ultra-realistic Alsim Flight Simulators make training super e­fficient and prepare you for re­al flying situations.

ACP Student Yarne training for his EASA and FAA Licenses.

"By obtaining both my EASA and FAA unrestricted licenses, I enjoy the ultimate freedom to fly for ANY Airline in the world!"

Global Opportunities

Getting dual certification from EASA and FAA doe­sn't just look good on your resume. It opens doors worldwide­! Graduates from EPC's Airline Caree­r Program (ACP) are highly sought after by airlines across the­ globe. Their comprehe­nsive training and international certifications make­ them stars in the aviation world.

So, if you're pumpe­d to kick your aviation career into high gear, soar above­ the clouds, and unlock global horizons, EuroPilot Center is the­ place for you. We'll make your dre­ams of flying take off with the best training in the­ USA and Belgium. The sky's the limit!

Ready for the Next Step?

Join us on Sunday May 19, 2024, for the EPC Ope­n House at the Antwerp Airport (sign up HERE). You will learn about our training programs that give­ provide dual certificaton. We also offe­r two additional scholarships worth 25.000 EUR each and ways to finance your Aviation Training. Our open house is a gre­at chance to find out more. 

By: EPC Coach