100.000 EUR in Aviation Training Scholarships

"In response to the worldwide pilot demand and the absence of aviation scholarships in Belgium and surrounding countries, we are committed to encouraging all young individuals with a passion for aviation to pursue their dreams of becoming an Airline Pilot."

For the first time in History

EuroPilot Center, a leading aviation training organization with Airline Pilot Training Centers in Antwerp and Southern California, is breaking new ground in 2024 by earmarking an unprecedented 100.000 EUR for Airline Training Scholarships. This initiative aims to support aspiring aviators aged 17 to 30 who are applying for the full-time Airline Career Program (ACP) at EuroPilot Center. For the first time in its history, EuroPilot Center is offering this substantial financial support to nurture the next generation of aviators.


Applicants aged 17 to 30 applying for the full-time Airline Career Program.


EuroPilot Center donates 100.000 EUR in total, with each of the top 4 successful applicants receiving a 25,000 EUR scholarship towards their full-time Airline Career Program (ACP).

How can I apply?

Prospective candidates must apply for the 2024 ACP Scholarship online by submitting their application online via this link before February 29, 2024. After applying, candidates will undergo a thorough screening process. Successful candidates will be notified on March 18, 2024 of their 25,000 EUR scholarship allocation!

Apply online by clicking here

Note: EuroPilot Center BV reserves the right to refuse applicants based upon the application requirements above.

By: EPC Coach